ZEMA’s Radio Ministry : The Trumpet of Zion

What is The Trumpet of Zion? 

A 15 minute isiZulu Bible teaching program

(Icilongo LaseZiyoni)

Sunday  21:30–Radio Khwezi

Thursday 20:45–Radio Pulpit listen online

Radio Pulpit : Listen on DSTV

The Trumpet of Zion is a program created by ZEMA missionaries and local Zion church leaders.

The first broadcasts on Voice of the Church radio network began in 2012 in Swaziland.

It includes Bible teaching by a local Zion pastor and music sung by local Zion church choirs.

The Trumpet of Zion is a great way to reach the millions of Zionists in southern Africa who have a desire for Biblical teaching.

Trumpet Of Zion Broadcasts

Book of the BiblePage
I TimothyListen
I PeterListen
II PeterComing Soon